President's Message

Dave Geraci

Settembre, 2019


I hope that you are all enjoying the last days of summer. With one fesval behind us and another coming in October, we sll have a lile more me to enjoy some warm outdoor acvies. August guest night was another great evening, thanks to the help of all who contributed. From the guys at the front door, those working the raffle, the bartenders, the gentlemen who put our newsleer together, to the outstanding cooking crew, makes me proud to be a member of this club.

The Fesval at Lile Italy will be on October 6th. Please come and give your support to our Italian sausage sandwich booth. If you are able to donate your me helping in the booth, please contact Mike Maltese.

I'd like to give a huge thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Viverito for their many years of contribuons to the raffle at the family picnic/scholarship award. We are truly grateful for your connued dedicaon to the club. Tan picca fannu un assai. Eng. Many liles make a lot.

The September meeng is going to be a joint dinner with the women's club. We will break off in separate rooms dinner to conduct our business meengs. It is not a guest night. Our next guest night will be in October 7th.

Hope to see you September 9th.



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