President's Message

Jon Taormina

Jinnaru, 2023


I want to make sure the membership is aware that our next meeting will be on January 9th. Based on the New Year, we moved the meeng to this date.

It is Scholarships time again. If you have family and / or friends with graduating high school seniors with Sicilian descent that are planning on going to higher education, please steer them to our website at There you will find instructions and a copy of the Scholarship applicaon.

The Christmas Party was a blast. We had a great meal of appezers, salad, veggies, pasta, salmon, and PRIME RIB!! I also want to thank Phil Cannazarro for volunteering his time and being our wonderful DJ. The Women’s Club donated several wonderful and invenve baskets for the raffle which was a blast to watch. They also sponsored and made the cannoli’s everyone enjoyed for dessert.

It is the time of year again where we start planning and selling tickets for our annual CRAB FEEDS. We plan to have two crab feeds this year, February 11th, and March 11th. Get your tickets soon before they sell out. If you do not have a ticket source yet, see Mike Maltese. I hope to see everyone there. As a reminder this event is not just for club members but also their friends and family.

Jon Taormina

Auito Foundation Update

I am very excited to update the club on the status of the Auto Foundation, which is the nonprofit charitable organization funded by the Sons of Sicily. We have a new sense of positivity and momentum after adding some quality members to the Board and eliminating some of the negative influences of our past.

This year we will have given away approximately $15,000 to deserving High school graduates going on to higher education. You should receive your Sons of Sicily dues letters in the mail very soon. Please take some time and consider donating to the Auito Foundation. This money will be used to fund our scholarships. Thank you for your time.

Jon Taormina

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