President's Message

Jon Taormina

Aprile, 2024

SOS Brothers-

We had some pretty spectacular breaded pork at our last meeting. Thank you to the cooks, bartenders, front table, and raffle crews. During our meeting we had a straw poll on whether the club wanted to have a family picnic this year and when we would like it to be. Based on feedback we are planning a Family Picnic in July. The tentative dates we are looking at are July 14th or July 21st. This picnic is for anyone that wants to attend. Invite your friends, neighbors, people you work with, mailman, etc. There are some members that use this as a great opportunity to have a family reunion (SOS provides the food, fun, and location for an extremely reasonable ticket price).

Our Golf Committee is putting the final touches on this year’s Annual Golf Tournament being held at Coyote Creek Golf Club on May 31st. Call Al Mistretta – 916-799-3716, Mike Burriesci – 408-316-3075 or Mike Maltese – 408-691-8487 if you would like to sign up to golf. This is a great day of golfing followed by a delicious Prime Rib Dinner. We are also looking for a couple more sponsors for the event. We still have Hole in One, Tee Box and Golf Ball sponsorships available. Call Bob Scaletta – 408-482-8814 if you are interested in this tax-deductible sponsorship / donation.

Joseph George Wines at 1559 Meridian Ave is hosting a wine tasting event on Friday, May 17th. There will be appetizers and a selection of wines to taste picked out by Joseph himself. Call Bob Scaletta – 408-482-8814 if you would like tickets.

I have made an error with the Website Calendar regarding our next meeting, sorry. Our next meeting will be a REGULAR BUSINESS MEETING. I look forward to seeing everyone there.

The Scholarship committee is hard at work going through the eleven applications we received. As a club I am extremely proud and excited to be able to give back to our Sicilian community with these scholarships. These young adults are the future of our club and the Women’s Auxiliary.

Jon Taormina

Auito Foundation Update

I am very excited to update the club on the status of the Auto Foundation, which is the nonprofit charitable organization funded by the Sons of Sicily. We have a new sense of positivity and momentum after adding some quality members to the Board and eliminating some of the negative influences of our past.

This year we will have given away approximately $15,000 to deserving High school graduates going on to higher education. You should receive your Sons of Sicily dues letters in the mail very soon. Please take some time and consider donating to the Auito Foundation. This money will be used to fund our scholarships. Thank you for your time.

Jon Taormina

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