Karen's Corner

Karen Haverling, President

Settembre, 2019

Our movie group had a wonderful afternoon going to see The Art of Racing in the Rain. Thank you Judy, for having the foresight to bring tissues for everyone!

Thank you to everyone who helped at the SOS Ravioli, Sausage & Sfingi booths at the Italian Family Festa last weekend, and to those who cut all those peppers for the sausage sandwiches! A good time was had by all and it looks like we have some future members in training.

Welcome, Susan La Russa, our newest member. Please take time to get to know Susan at our next meeting.

Congratulations, Jessica & Aaron Trumble on the birth of their son, Jaxon Parker. And, also congratulations to grandma, Esther Zambatarto.

2019 Events Calendar

Monday, September 9th

Napredak Hall

770 Montague Expressway San Jose

Dinner @ 6:30 pm $20

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