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2024 Events Calendar

January 8th

Regular Meeting Night

February 5th

Guest Night Meeting

February 17th

Annual Crab Feed #1

March 4th

Regular Meeting Night

March 16th

Annual Crab Feed #2

April 1st

Male Guest Night

May 6th

Regular Meeting Night


Auito Wine Event

June 3rd

Male Guest Night


Annual Family Picnic

July 1st

Family Night/
Scholarship Awards


Annual Golf Tournament #1

August 3rd & 4th

6th Festa With IAHF

August 5th

Regular Meeting Night

September 9th

Male Guest Night

October 6th

Little Italy Festa

October 7th

Regular Meeting

October 14th

Annual Golf Tournament #2

November 4th

Male Guest Night

December 13th

Adult Christmas Party

December 15th

Children's Santa Party

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Dates listed are subject to changes. As changes occur, we will keep you posted with updates listed here.

Regular Meeting

Monday, April 1st


Regular Meeting

Monday, May 6th

Auito Wine Tasting

Wine Event Flyer

Friday, May 17th

Joseph George Wine Shop

1559 Meridian Ave

San Jose CA 95125

(408) 448-9463

Sicilian Public Holidays

Most Sicilians take their annual holiday in August, deserting the cities for the cooler seaside or mountains. This means that many businesses and shops close for at least part of the month, usually around the Feast of the Assumption (Ferragosto) on 15 August. Easter is another busy period, with many resort hotels opening for the season the week before Easter.

Italian schools close for three months in summer, from mid-June to mid-September, for two weeks at Christmas and for a week at Easter.

Individual towns have public holidays to celebrate the feasts of their patron saints. National public holidays in Sicily include the following: